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"Finding Your Wings"
CPVA is pleased to announce its new mentoring program commencing in April 2011.  This course will combine weekly 1:1 mentoring with a series of exercises which combine reading original material (written by me) and  homework assignments (completed by you!).  This is an in-depth course aimed at getting you up and running in a new direction in months -- not years.  Don't wait around for the recession to knock you down.  Make those changes you've been thinking about for years.  Working for yourself; having a virtual office; living an alternative lifestyle (I enjoy traveling in and working from my RV) -- they are all within reach.  And easier to accomplish than you could ever imagine.  Sign up today!  Find your wings and soar with the eagles.
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What is a Virtual Assistant? 

The term "Virtual Assistant" has been around for some time, but the definition has changed dramatically in recent years. While Virtual Assistants (“VAs”) still are heavily associated with the support staff most professionals have available to them in a corporate office environment (Executive Assistant, Secretary, Word Processor, File Clerk, Copy Clerk, Personnel/HR Department, Accounting Department, IT Department and more) today’s Virtual Assistant may also be a real estate professional, a CPA or a paralegal. In short, a Virtual Assistant is a “go to” person when you need to get things done, efficiently and effectively, but don’t want to hire a new employee to accomplish the task! Often these folks are organizational wizards who free you to spend time building your business.

» Find out more: What Virtual Assistants Are and What Virtual Assistants Are Not.

Normally you and your Virtual Assistant will communicate mostly via e-mail or some other electronic method. As you work together, you will develop those methods of communication which work best for you both. It takes time for the lines of communication to develop. It is important for you and your Virtual Assistant to exchange information openly, without undue sensitivity. Once you have established an ongoing relationship, much of the communication will be intuitive.

In short, a Virtual Assistant gives you more bang for your buck. You work consistently with the same person over a period of months/years, which eliminates surprises. You do not pay the taxes or benefits associated with an employee on staff; nor do you incur charges for equipment seldom used. Your Virtual Assistant is available to you no matter where you may travel. Most are also available on short notice in emergencies.

Please give us an opportunity to assist you. What do you have to lose? You may just gain the additional time you need to call that prospective client you met last week.

Our Services Include . . .

• Document preparation & information management • Executive services
• Legal assistant services • Office management
• Non-profit management & organization • Online services
• Desktop publishing • Web site services
• Event planning • Digital imaging
• Marketing & mailing » more details

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